Holidays parks have long been a “thing” in the UK for spending some quality time with your family and friends. In fact, it’s easy to understand why they are our favorites. Holiday parks Scotland are family-friendly, a great way to explore a new country, and relatively cheap.

Therefore, at Seaton Estate’s short break kids holiday park, we’ve managed to filter out some of the best budget-friendly holiday parks in the UK that are safe, stress-free, and offer everything a holiday should be. So, next time you plan a getaway, choosing accommodation will be an easy feat. Let’s dive right in!

      1. Seaton Holiday Park
      2. Devon Cliffs Holiday Park
      3. Trecco Bay Holiday Park
      4. Park Holidays UK Sandhills
      5. Park Dean Resorts Cayton Bay
      6. Tattershall Lakes
      7. Marton Mere Holiday Village
      8. Sandymouth Holiday Resort
      9. Craig Tara Haven
      10. Golden Sands Rhyl

Seaton Estate Holiday Park

This holiday park is everything you could ever want from a family & kids holiday park. With Rugged mountain scenery, wild forests, beautiful coastlines, and many attractions to explore, this holiday park takes a fresh turn on what a home away from home could offer. Moreover, the park caters to everyone, adults and children alike, and they make sure you have a memorable experience that lasts. From indoor activities to great camping experiences, there’s everything you need at an affordable price. As we say, they like to be a “complete package”.

Seaton Estate Holiday Park

Situated in the most picturesque locations in Scotland, Seaton Estate is not only about beauty but the facilities they offer. However, some of them are a great location, friendly atmosphere, and high-end lodges. Not only are these homes fully furnished but spacious enough to accommodate a family. Whether you are seeking an outdoor experience of this beautifully landscaped location or want to relax indoors, these park homes are a perfect retreat. We’re sure you’ll love this beautiful coastal location and enjoy all the park has to offer.

Devon Cliffs Holiday Park

This park is a peaceful and tranquil holiday destination for holiday lovers seeking a place to unwind. Moreover, this holiday park is far from the city hassle with stunning sea views and a great range of facilities.

However, some of the facilities we really enjoyed are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, golf courses, and much more. In fact, there’s plenty to explore for all nature lovers on the nearby beaches and countryside. Therefore, with plenty of great entertainment, this park is ideal for family getaways.

kids holiday park scotland
Kids Holiday Park

Trecco Bay Kids Holiday Park

If you’re seeking a kids holiday park home with a luxurious and lasting experience, we highly recommend Trecco Bay. This incredible holiday park certainly knows to keep its guests entertained with exciting activities and top-notch accommodation.

However, it’s now just about the luxurious experience they offer but how thoughtful they can be with your holiday. So, if you’re seeking the experience of a lifetime, this one is going to be your favorite.

 Holiday Parks for kids, kids holiday park
Family & Kids Holiday Park

Kids Park Holiday UK Sandhills

When it comes to a kids holiday parks in Sandhills it’s a complete delight for those seeking a peaceful beach holiday. The park is a small place packed with luxury lodges and apartments to choose from. Therefore, you won’t have a hard time choosing what suits you best.

Moreover, Sandhills gives you the opportunity to escape from the hassle of every-day life and explore the outdoors. So, if you’re looking for an experience that isn’t too lavish yet incredible, this place is your go-to.

Beach Holiday Park Uk

Kids Park Dean Resorts Cayton Bay

Park Dean is an absolute family-friendly holiday park, where you’ll find yourself nestled among nature. However, despite being close to the beach and nature you are never far from the city life. Just down the road, you’ll find a rich beach-side life to explore. Back at the park, you’ll have plenty to be entertained with your little ones like an indoor swimming pool, play areas, and much more. Therefore, if you’re seeking a holiday home that is ideal for you and your toddler, this is the right place for you.

short break holiday park scotland

Tattershall Lakes

Surrounded by the countryside, is this incredible park home with the finest attractions. Home to wonderful landscapes, nature, and incredible outdoors this place is perfect for adventure lovers. Not only is this place known for its outdoor fun but rich rolling countryside life. From stunning coastline experience to amazing activities, this place has it all. Therefore, we highly recommend it.

Holiday Park Kids, Children park, holiday Park

Marton Mere Holiday Village

This place has everything for both nature lovers and those seeking a rich urban life experience. So, either you can relax in your spacious holiday home or explore the beauty of the local area. This place has everything. Moreover, the place is packed with indoor and outdoor pool facilities for those who seek a quiet indoor time. The options are endless.

Sandymouth Holiday Resort

This park has long been a family holiday favorite and never ceases to amaze. With the beautiful beaches, coastal resorts, and an unforgettable outdoor experience, this place will make you fall in love. Not only this place lends itself to a tranquil experience but is jam-packed with adventure. Therefore, with everything on-site, we guarantee you will never want your holiday to end.

 Craig Tara Haven

This holiday park has long been a choice for many visitors seeking a complete family experience. Surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, mountains, and nature, this place has plenty of family-friendly activities. Therefore, you can go for long walks, mountain biking, or fishing. You may get tired but the options won’t.

Haven Caister on Sea

Staying at Haven means there couldn’t have been a better way to explore the finest places in the UK. As everything you need is right within the boundaries of the park – making it a must-have on our list. With activity facilities like swimming pools, adventure golf, and so much to explore, this place is all you need for a family getaway.

Kids Holiday Park, Sea Park

Golden Sands Rhyl

Set right next to the beach, this caravan holiday park is a brilliant base to explore the surrounding. With an incredible range of onsite facilities, there’ll always be something on your to-do list. We highly recommend it for those seeking a beach holiday experience that lasts.

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