Holiday Home: The month of January is marked by blazing fires, winter landscapes, dark evenings, warm hats, and a cozy holiday home Scotland. So, if you’re here for that beach vacation you were promised, something went wrong!

Have you ever heard of the Scottish term ‘coorie’? It refers to a feeling of coziness and warmth in the winter, similar to the Danish word ‘hygge’. Visit Scotland in January to embrace the concept of cookies and start the New Year with crisp walks, great activities, and a warming whiskey or two.

There are fewer people at major sites and landmarks in January, snowfall is expected, especially in hilly places, and average temperatures hover around 4°C. Warm clothing, a waterproof jacket, excellent shoes and thick socks, a warm cap, scarf, and gloves are all important. We’ll take care of the pubs, outdoor experiences, and winter wonderland!

If all of this sounds like heaven to you, keep reading to learn more about why you should visit Scotland in January.


One of the advantages of traveling during the calmer months is that you will typically find better bargains on flights and a beautiful holiday home Scotland, making January the ideal month for a budget city break or romantic rural getaway. Not only will you save money on transportation, but you’ll also discover that there are fewer people at this time of year, resulting in a more private, calm, and personal experience at some of Scotland’s most historic landmarks.

Holiday Home Scotland


Did you know that skiing and snowboarding are available in Scotland? Why travel to Europe or the United States when you can relax right at home?

In Scotland, there are five mountain centers. The Cairngorms National Park has the Lecht 2090, Glenshee Ski Centre, and Cairngorm Mountain, as well as Glencoe Mountain and the Nevis Range in Lochaber. Ski or snowboard on real snow inside at Snow Factor near Glasgow.

Our skiing and snowboarder area has plenty of useful information on snow conditions, lift passes, equipment rental, instruction, and even how to get started.

Nothing beats a ‘bluebird’ day on the slopes before returning to a crackling log fire and a drink, or possibly a sauna or hot tub in your overnight accommodation in extraordinary Holiday Homes Scotland.

Always check the weather and snow conditions before going out, since they can change quickly. And if it’s too windy, it’s simply another excuse to spend more time in the hot tub!

Holiday Homes Scotland
Cairngorm Ski Resort


At the start of the year, Scotland’s towns and untamed landscapes are stunning. The month of January delivers spectacular light and magnificent sights. There’s something about winter that gives photos a little more sparkle. Why not take the month of January to explore Park Homes Scotland and find the ideal shot? Your Instagram followers will appreciate your commitment.

Park Homes Scotland


Despite popular belief, January is not the best month for dieting, especially if you’re planning a vacation. Scotland produces some of the world’s most sought-after natural products, and you’ll be hungry after a day of sightseeing. Haggis (served with mashed potatoes, turnips, and a whiskey sauce), Aberdeen Angus meat, and Scottish wild salmon are also Scottish specialties. There’s even vegetarian haggis on the menu! If all of that isn’t enough to warm you up, try a sip of whiskey; visiting a distillery is an excellent opportunity to learn about Scotland’s national drink.

Holiday Home Scotland


Although it will be cold in January, Scotland enjoys a comparatively mild climate in comparison to the rest of the world. This indicates there’s a good possibility you’ll see some animals. Many tiny mammals will hibernate throughout the winter, but larger animals will remain active, and they will be easier to identify due to the reduced vegetation. Red deer are more likely to be seen in the winter than in the summer when they migrate down from higher terrain to feed. These magnificent creatures may be found in the Highlands, but they can also be found on the islands of Arran, Jura, and Rum.

Keep your eyes on the skies if you’re visiting the mountains because you could see golden eagles hunting hare and other small animals. White-tailed sea eagles can be seen closer to the coast. If you’re out exploring for animals, remember to dress in layers that are both warm and waterproof.

 Holiday Homes Scotland


Looking for the Northern Lights is one of the nicest things to do when the evenings are long and dark. This amazing natural phenomenon is most commonly seen in the north of the nation, but if the conditions are ideal, it may also be seen in the south. The spectacle is created by charged particles bouncing off the earth’s upper atmosphere and is also known as the Aurora Borealis. As a consequence, a kaleidoscope display of vibrant light streaks across the sky. It’s a true honor to see.

A winter holiday in Scotland allows you to relax in comfortable accommodations, explore breathtaking sights, and enjoy warm Scottish friendliness. Shake off the winter blues with a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Park Homes Scotland


Although January is a fantastic time to come and discover a beautiful holiday home Scotland, there is plenty to see and do throughout the year. Find out what the best time is to visit Scotland and start planning your trip!

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