Panoramic Stargazer Residential Lodge

Seaton Estate Residential Park Arbroath currently gladly presents out their pristine luxurious staggering all panoramic Stargazer housetop patio lodges. Not, only this and Marlee Loch Residential Park in Blairgowrie also presents out their new and dazzling design for their rooftop lodges These lovely homes bring present-day living close by conventional private strong build houses.


The Stargazer has the most latest loaded interiors and is completely outfitted with all-white goods included.
These are splendid roomy homes, worked with the Kingspan measured frameworks like the latest bungalow, accordingly offer the most elevated in protection, determination, and quality which are selective to our parks only.


The rooftop porch has a stylish winding flight of stairs passage to a view across the ocean or the loch unmatched on some other home for a portion of the sticker price offered by comparable lesser quality producers.
These are full-size twofold homes that bring open vistas and an advanced directive for living to the new requests of the private commercial center adding options never seen on private parks.

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Stargazer Residential Lodge



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