The UK is a great place for spending an ideal holiday in the most stunning locations across the country. Whether it’s a family break or a romantic getaway, there’s always something special to find in the UK. From fairytale castles and tranquil beaches, there’s plenty to discover. You can book willerby static caravans from Seaton Estate Holiday Park for your beach holidays.

Over the years with changing holiday trends Willerby is a company that has committed itself to create holiday homes that enhance your holiday experience. With a long manufacturing history of willerby static caravans has constantly proved itself to be a market leader both at home and across the world.

Especially, when it comes to designing holiday homes and lodges that are practical and innovative, Willerby is a company that won’t disappoint you. Moreover, over the years they’ve shared an absolutely stunning range of static caravans for sale that have easily found their way to the hearts of holidaymakers. Seaton Estate is also one of the best Willerby static caravan manufacturers in Scotland. We are constructing a new design static caravan, lodges and holiday homes for our customers.

Our holiday homes & lodges ranges are budget-friendly, low maintenance, and eco-friendly. Additionally, you can expect these holiday home ranges to be of exceptional quality standards and bring great value for money.

Therefore, not only Willerby static caravans are suitable for family holidays but lead the way in both innovation and design. As they promise to deliver a range of static homes that are stunning yet cost-effective, they continue to win hearts here and abroad. So, if you’re seeking a dream home of your choice, there’s always something Willerby has to offer.

Who is Willerby?

Willerby is the UK’s largest manufacturers of quality Willerby static caravans, holiday homes and lodges. They’re known for designing homes with a sense of practicality and innovation for holiday parks across the country. Generally, these homes equipped with most appliances and features that a basic home would require.

Moreover, with a long history of building homes, Willerby has been recognized for delivering state-of-the-art designs year after year. However, not only they offer designs that suit every taste but also share a range of Willerby static caravans, Holiday Homes, Lodges, & residential homes to suit most budgets. They also share a range of flagship models that have been going for years and the very first luxurious caravans built.

Types of Willerby Static Caravans

Here is the list of different willerby static caravans we offered for sale and for rent. You can book willerby from our website or through Facebook. We used high quality material to construct our caravans becuase we focus on quality and new design.

Willerby Portland

Willerby Portland is a luxury lodge that feels like a home that balances traditional specs with a stunning interior color scheme. If you’re looking for a holiday lodge that doesn’t skimp on luxury and comfort, this one’s for you.

willerby-portland-lodge, Park Homes, Lodges Home, Seaton Estate

Willerby Portland Features

    • Integrated Microwave, Washer, Dishwasher (Deluxe Pack)
    • Pull out sofa bed to lounge
    • Family Bathroom
    • Coordinated Bedding
    • Genuine timber cladding
    • Dual Bedroom
    • MP3 Sound System

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Willerby Sierra

Sierra is a stylish and unique-looking interior and color scheme caravan that doesn’t skimp on sophistication. It features an open layout with comfortable and spectacular furnishings throughout.


Willerby Sierra 2021 for sale, Seaton Estate
New Design Willerby Sierra

Willerby Sierra Features

    • Dual Bedrooms (with attached bath)
    • Air Conditions
    • Open Kitchen
    • Microwave Oven integration
    • Laundry
    • Cable TV
    • Boiler & Barbeque

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Willerby Manor

Combining a traditional layout with a touch of modernism, the Manor is packed with amazing features that deliver home-like feels. This beautiful home is light, bright, and spacious providing a perfect setting for a relaxing breakaway.

Willerby static caravans, Holiday Manor-exterior, Seaton Esate
Willerby Manor-exterior, Seaton Estate

Willerby Linwood

Linwood is a range of holiday homes with a new color pallet for 2021. Generally, these homes offer everything a growing family needs from their holiday homes. Some of the specs include abundant storage and a spacious layout.

Willerby caravans, Willerby Linwood Holiday Home for sale, Park Homes for Sale Scotland,
Willerby Linwood Holiday Home Willerby Caravan,

Willerby Castleton

New design Castleton range ranis a holiday home that does not have a very large plot but yet never fails to impress holidaymakers. This range is a perfect solution for those who need to make the most of every square foot.

Willerby Castleton Range

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Willerby Martin Range

Willerby Martin Range is the perfect solution to holiday home living that is comfortable and luxurious. It has an open layout with a real sense of space that creates a bright environment the moment you step in. Martin Range caravan has lounge layout and sunny color scheme. Our Martin caravan has private space and U shaped kitchen with dining rooms where you can enjoy your holiday dinners and breakfast and BBQ with your family. Read more details about Willerby Martin Range 2021 Holiday homes

Martin for Rent, Seaton Estate, Scotland
Cheapest Willerby Martin 2021 Holiday Homes

Willerby Pinehurst (Lodge)

Pinehurst is a well-thought-out design that has been popular for an ideal weekend escape. It combines a spacious feel with great practical features that a perfect home would have.

Willerby Juniper (Lodge)

The Mapleton is designed for those who love a bit of tech and innovation in their homes. This range is equipped with all the high-end tech facilities like a media wall and atmospheric mood lighting. Read more about Juniper Lodges 

Difference b/w Willerby Caravan & Residential Holiday Homes

To put it simply, static caravans are holiday homes built to EN standards and are made for seasonal use. While a residential park home is built to BS standards and is made to be lived throughout the year.

To put it simply, static caravans are holiday homes built to EN standards and are made for seasonal use. While a residential park home is built to BS standards and is made to be lived throughout the year.

Seaton Estate Vs Willerby Ranges

Seaton Estate has long been in companionship with Willerby static caravans and lodges. Seaton Estate holiday parks Scotland are known for offering a range of accommodations that have set a major trend in the housing culture. Moreover, these homes are known for their innovative décor, comfort, and fantastic value they bring for money.

Generally, these homes are pretty spacious, luxurious, and most importantly ideal for families that are looking to make their holiday special. At Seaton Estate, we’ve always valued comfort and luxury at an affordable price. Therefore, Willerby homes have managed to share that with us through this amazing range of homes.

To name a few Willerby static caravans ranges available for sale at Seaton Estate are the following:

Willerby Windows

Willerby Windows specializes in designing and manufacturing double glazing installation and composite door installation for holiday homes in the UK. Generally, their services include design, installation, fitting of composite doors, porches, and conservatories, fitting of replacement glass units, fascias, and guttering.

Therefore, as you seek to get a home that is perfectly insulated and well-thought, this is the company for you.

Buying a static Caravan or get it for Rent

Mostly people wondering for holiday homes to spend there holidays asked few questions. How to own a static caravans? What will be the price of renting a two-bed static caravan? etc. To clear your confusion we have explained everything in details.

 How to buy a Static Caravan?

Buying a caravans is perfect for those how enjoy staycations and want to spends long break holidays. These park homes are perfect for short family. You can make these homes as their permanent homes. Also, You can buy caravans through 3 easy ways.

      1.  Buy from website by filling the Book Now forum.
      2.  Buy from Facebook Page.
      3.  By visit our Holiday Parks.

You can also contact us on whatsapp by clicking the green button on website. you will directly contact us through Whatsapp. You can also Call US on 01(241) 815-713

In summer holidays Seaton Estate also offers caravan for rent on High pitch of summer holidays & Beach Holidays. As our holiday park situated beautiful location near the Arboath beach, So in summer people demands renting it instead of spending huge money for buying a Holiday Homes. Blow is the price list of renting a caravan for 2 or 3-bedrooms. You can also visit our Caravan Rental Page to visit the rental offer.

Willerby Static Caravans Price List

For holiday homes and static caravans price list & brochures. Please visit our Facebook Page  We will soon, upload it on our website.

Is it easy to move a static caravan to a new Holiday Park?

There are many reasons you would want to move your caravan to a different location. Either you’ve grown tired of the same location or just explore new surroundings, there’s always a possibility you would want to move.

In that case, you need professionals to help you move your static caravan to a different site. However, these experts must have the proper vehicle and equipment to get your caravan to a new location. Moreover, they must help you ensure your caravan has been disconnected from all its amenities as per park rules and regulations.

Therefore, as long as you have the right people to help you escort it safely to the desired location and loading it securely is not a big deal.

What will be the price of move a static caravan?

Generally, the cost of moving a static caravan cannot be answered in one precise figure. However, as you approach different companies you will find the cost may vary from company to company.

Moreover, some of the factors that may come into account the size of your caravan, the distance between your current location and destination, and some additional costs as well. With this, you must incur the costs of reconnecting your caravan to the new location as there will be leveling and siting fees as well.

Altogether, it may be hard to lay out a fixed cost of moving a caravan but it’s always recommended to get quotes from different companies and make a decision accordingly.

Can I make money by renting out a static caravan?

Yes, you can make money from the caravan by renting it during the holidays. When you own a holiday home, there’s always a good chance to make money from it by renting it. Especially, during the holiday season, you can always receive a greater return on investment over your holiday home.

However, before you plan on renting it out you will have to ensure your caravan park permits rentals and read your contracts before making the move.

Following are some pointers to keep in mind before you rent out:

    • Check your Site’s Rental Policy
    • Examine Health and Safety Measures
    • Ensure you Acquire Installation Certificates
    • Check for Insurance Policies

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