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Holiday Park Home with Seaton Estate

We aim to set a new benchmark for quality residential and holiday Park Homes in Scotland. Using our years of experience and innovative architectural approach, we have designed homes that are unique, modern and beautiful crafted. Not only we like to bring value for money but we also love to help you find your dream home.

Holiday Park Scotland . Whether you’re looking for a pre-loved home or a holiday home, we offer a wide range of luxury homes. Above all, these homes are situated in the most idyllic locations in Scotland that you will love. So, you can enjoy all the facilities and calm of a park home life. Excited to find your luxury retreat? Well, so are we.

At Seaton Estate we like to combine innovation with comfort that you look for in a home. Together with our existing architectural techniques and expert team, we like to bring your vision of home to life. Our entire park home quality and facilities are second to none. Therefore, if you are thinking to find a home that suits your needs all year round, we’ve got you covered.

From classic to modern, we offer residential homes that are warm, comfortable and secure. By all means, our team is dedicated to making homes that are loved and appreciated. In other words, we like to go the extra mile for our customers to create the perfect home for them.

We Create Spaces for Comfortable Living

You and your children safe. robust 24/7 security
Customer Service Will Guarantee Your Comfort
Scenic river ridge
Quay Promenade with a Gazebo
Gas fireplaces with custom-crafted surrounds
Fully Equipped Playground

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Willerby Manor Home Rental

Caravan Rentals Scotland. The Manor Premium holiday home is an amalgamation of traditional and modern touches. Some of the standard features of the home are the interior and the shaker style kitchen. Moreover, the home offers several other quality features like a comfortable lounge area and twin bedrooms. Therefore, it ultimately adds up to the overall use and looks of the house. By all means, perfect for owners who require all the amenities of an ideal home.

Willerby Castleton Caravan,

The Linwood holiday home takes a fresh turn on what a home could offer. In fact, it takes holiday homes to another level when it comes to layout and design. Some notable features of the home are the design, interior, and abundant storage space it offers. Furthermore, the home also offers a fine dining area, a lounge, and a kitchen that simply makes the house worth staying

Willerby Linwood Holiday Home for sale, Park Homes for Sale Scotland,

The Castleton holiday home is one of its kind and perfect for sharing it with your loved ones. Certainly, you don’t want to miss a home that has all the key features that an ideal home would have. These features include a beautiful bedroom with a modern touch, a fully-equipped dining room, and kitchen. Therefore, this home ideal for those who enjoy a peaceful yet fun holiday experience

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Testimonials/Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying about Us

Stayed here for a week with our 2 yr old son & it was perfect for what we wanted, nice clean site well kept, it is very quiet here but there are lots of grassed areas to play on and a kids play area if you’re looking for kids entertainment & pool etc then maybe book a Pontins holiday. Nice bar on site and the harbor & beach is just 5 minutes away with lots to do if u look including a great park and an outdoor pool, caravans are lovely lots of room and clean. I loved it here and will be going back.

Jessica Smith, 58 years

I live on this estate and find it very pleasant all staff are very helpful and polite restaurant /coffee bar opening in near future, new manager in place and Irish bar open with Scottish/Irish music every Wednesday evening, entertainment on a Saturday evening, regards kids play areas things were repaired/replaced but again damaged whose problem surely a bit of what kids doing and supervision helps for others.

Adrian James, 28 years

The lodges itself was great and a nice weekend away if you want a relaxing time away, the rooms and toilet facilities are well equipped. Great cooking facilities and the layout of the lodge is very modern and nice and nice décor. All in all a good place to visit.

Megan Thornton, 32 years

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