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Seaton Estate Escapes: Unwind in Your Holiday Home

Seaton Estate Holiday Park, nestled on the picturesque east coast of Scotland, is a breathtaking 5-star destination. It's been recognised for its excellence by the Scottish Tourist Board, earning accolades for eight consecutive years. Offering a warm and welcoming community, Seaton Estate boasts affordability, with pre-owned homes starting at just £17,995 and brand new holiday homes from £44,995. With its generous 11-month season, you have ample time to become part of the growing community of owners who call this stunning park their home away from home.


Extended Holiday Season

Seaton Estate Holiday Park offers an impressive 11-month season, allowing you to enjoy the park's amenities and beautiful surroundings for most of the year. The park is only closed in February, ensuring you have ample time to relax and make the most of your holiday home.

Fantastic Part Exchange Options

We offer fantastic part exchange options for those looking to upgrade or change their holiday home. This convenience makes it easy for you to find the perfect accommodation that suits your evolving needs and preferences.

No Caravan Age Restrictions

Unlike some holiday parks, Seaton Estate has no age restrictions on caravans. This means you don't need to worry about upgrading your caravan every 10 years, providing you with flexibility and cost savings.

Convenient Location

Situated just 20 minutes from Dundee and within a one-hour drive from Aberdeen, Seaton Estate is a fantastic East Coast destination. Its prime location offers easy access to both urban amenities and stunning natural landscapes, making it an ideal base for exploring the surrounding areas.

Pet-Friendly Paradise

Seaton Estate welcomes your furry friends with open arms. The park is pet-friendly and offers scenic walks, such as Seaton Cliffs and Lunan Bay Beach, where you and your pets can enjoy the great outdoors together.

Family-Owned and Friendly

Seaton Estate is a family-owned business, which means you can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The owners are committed to ensuring your stay is enjoyable and memorable, creating a friendly and relaxed environment for all visitors.

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